We assist clients in the development of simple to comprehensive estate plans that carefully balance personal and financial concerns. Our estate planning and probate practice includes services ranging from simple wills to complex trust arrangements and estate administration. We will work with you to determine which combination of tax planning tools is appropriate to your situation. Our estate planning services include:

  • Simple and Complex Wills;
  • Trusts – Testamentary, Living and Charitable;
  • Protective Trusts for Children or the Elderly;
  • Living Wills;
  • Advance Healthcare Directives;
  • Power of Attorney;

Why even bother with a Will?  Doesn’t everything just pass to my spouse or children?

When you die without a will, your estate is distributed by the Intestate Laws in the manner imposed by our State.  Although you may think that it will all pass to your spouse or children, depending on the size of the estate, your spouse may get less than you intended him or her to receive or your children may not receive the benefits that you had planned. The best method to protect your family is to meet with an experienced estate planner to help you meet your needs.

Death and Taxes

Unfortunately, tax considerations are a necessary part of our lives and estate planning is no exception. Our goal is to minimize the tax burdens and to effectively work in drafting a tax planning strategy that takes advantage of whatever tax incentives are available to preserve your estate to the greatest extent possible.

Choosing an estate planning law firm is an important matter. We encourage you to Contact us for more information about our qualifications to represent you.

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